PFRC-2 Posters at APS Division of Plasma Physics

We have been hard at work on our ARPA-E project and just submitted our second quarterly report! Our team, including our summer interns, presented several posters on the latest PFRC-2 experimental results at the APS Division of Plasma Physics meeting, held Oct. 21-25 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Plasma & Fusion Session

  • Neutral density measurements on the PFRC-2, Eugene S. Evans et al., UP10.101
  • Spectroscopic Line Ratio Determination of Electron Density, Electron Temperature, and H2 Dissociation Fraction in PFRC-2 Pulsed Hydrogen Plasmas, E. Palmerduca & S. Punjabi-Vinoth, et al, UP10.102
  • Recent X-ray results from the PFRC-2 experiment, C. Swanson et al, UP10.100
  • Visible light imagining of low frequency oscillations in the PFRC, P. Jandovitz et al, UP10.96

Undergraduate Research Session

  • Floating Potentials of End Plates in the PFRC-2 Divertor Regions, J. Cohen et al, JP10.33
  • Neutral gas inventory in the PFRC-2 during RMF plasma heating, K. R. Torrens et al, JP10.49
  • A study of RMF-plasma coupling on varying seed plasma parameters, G. Jusino et al, JP10.40