PFRC Publications

Technical Papers


  • “Method To Reduce Neutron Production in Small Clean Fusion Reactors,” S. Cohen, US Patent Number 9,767,925 issued 9/19/2017.
  • “Method To Produce High Specific Impulse and Moderate Thrust From a Fusion-Powered Rocket Engine,” S. Cohen, G. Pajer, M. Paluszek, Y. Razin, US Patent Number 9,822,769 issued 11/11/2017.
  • “In Space Startup Method for Nuclear Fusion Rocket Engines,” Paluszek, M., Ham, E., Cohen, S., and Razin, Y., US Patent Number: 10,811,143 issued 10/20/2020.
  • “Fueling Method for Small, Steady-State, Aneutronic FRC Fusion Reactors,” S. Cohen, D. Stotler and M. Buttolph, U.S. Patent No. 10,811,159, issued 10/20/2020.
  • System and method for reducing heat loss from FRC bulk plasma, S. Cohen, US 11,164,681, issued 2021-11-02
  • System and method for small, clean, steady-state fusion reactors,
    S. Cohen, D. Stotler and M. Buttolph, US 10,923,236 and 11,322,265 issued 2/16/2021 and 5/3/2022